Monday 20 September 2010

Introduction to the ECHR by the Council of Europe itself

Council of Europe Publishing has just published a book which functions as a basic and very short (87 pages) introduction to the ECHR: 'The Council of Europe and human rights - An introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights', authored by Martyn Bond. This is the summary:

Just what are your human rights, and how does the Council of Europe protect them? This small book tells the story simply and clearly, making a complicated issue straightforward. It offers examples illustrating each right in the European Convention on Human Rights, and short explanations placing the European Court of Human Rights in the wider context of other Council of Europe activities that also promote the same ideals. As informed citizens of Europe, we all need to be aware of human rights and of the importance of maintaining and promoting them. Europe has a good story to tell about human rights and this book tells it.
With a price tag of only 6 euros, a true bargain ;)