Wednesday 6 April 2011

New Case Law Fact Sheets

As reported here in October last year, the Court is increasingly making it's case-law accessible by putting thematic electronic factsheets online which summarise the jurisprudence on a particular topic. In 2011 almost twenty new factsheets have been added to the Court's website:

* Child protection
* Data protection
* "Dublin" cases
* Environment
* Expulsions and extraditions
* Extra-territorial jurisdiction
* Freedom of religion
* Homosexual rights (one may assume, by the way, that the Court means homosexuals' rights, as in the rights of homosexuals rather than the rights themselves having a particular orientation (sic!)
* Homosexuality: criminal aspects
* Mental health
* New technologies
* Police arrest / assistance of a lawyer
* Prisoners' right to vote - with info on upcoming cases from Russia, Latvia and yet another one form the UK.
* Racial discrimination
* Right to one's own image
* Roma and Travellers
* Terrorism
* Transsexuals' rights (here the Court does get the spelling right).
* Violence against women - with upcoming cases on genital mutilation form Ireland and Austria.

A valuable starting point both for practitioners, researchers and students - also because some include pending cases and thus offer a preview of the kind of issues that are upcoming in the Court's decisions and judgments.