Monday 16 January 2012

Articles in EHRLR

Three issues of the European Human Rights Law Review of 2011 (on which issues I did not yet report) include a number of articles on the European Convention on Human Rights. Here is an overview. In issue 3:

* Sophie Briant, Dialogue, diplomacy and defiance: prisoners' voting rights at home and in Strasbourg.
In issue 4:

* Maria Suchkova, An analysis of the institutional arrangements within the Council of Europe and within certain Member States for securing the enforcement of judgments
In issue 5:

* Baroness Hale, Common Law and Convention Law: The Limits to Interpretation.

* David Mead, "Don't make us get a warrant... we only want a quick look in your husband's shed": The Article 8 Issues Raised by the Domestic Legal Framework on Police Entries and Searches by Consent.

* Max Schaefer, Al-Skeini and the Elusive Parameters of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction.
The latter issue also includes an article by the Court's president Sir Nicholas Bratza, noted here earlier.