Thursday 21 June 2012

Manual on ECHR and the Environment

The Council of Europe has just published the second edition of its ''Manual on Human Rights and the Environment'', both in English and French. The book covers how both the European Court (the largest part of the publication) and the European Committee of Social Rights have dealt with environmental issues. This is the abstract:

Human rights and the environment have become increasingly interconnected. This updated manual seeks to contribute to a better understanding of this relationship by taking into account the new pertinent case law of the European Court of Human Rights. While the European Convention on Human Rights does not guarantee a specific right to a healthy and sound environment, the general standards deriving from it may nonetheless also apply to environmental matters. The European Court of Human Rights regularly examines complaints in which individuals argue that a breach of their Convention rights is the result of adverse environmental factors. 
This manual also takes account of the relevant decisions of the European Committee of Social Rights which has interpreted the right to protection of health under the European Social Charter as including a right to a healthy environment.

Examples of good national practices have been compiled on the basis of the contributions of several member states and included in an appendix to the manual.

The aim is to present the emerging principles on environmental protection in a systematic and accessible way.