Friday 26 July 2013

Blog Summer Break

The European Court of Human Rights has updated the case-law page of its website (and I am not talking about the search engine HUDOC here). This page now includes the regularly updated Reports of Judgments and Decisions, a selection which permits outsiders to see which part of its jurisprudence is considered to be the most important. It also includes documents with the full list of the Court's judgments from its very beginning, links to translations of judgments, a note on the mode of citation, and information on training and information on the Court's case-law. A whole treasure trove as well as a very easy way into the by now extremely extensive case-law of the Court.

And with this post, the ECHR blog is taking a summer break. Kind regards to all readers, coming from the Danish Institute of Human Rights whose hospitality I am enjoying as a guest researcher currently. Have a great summer!