Monday 1 July 2013

New Book on European Court Criticisms

Spyridon Flogaitis, Tom Zwart, and Julie Fraser have edited the book 'The European Court Of Human Rights And Its Discontents. Turning Criticism into Strength' which has just been publsihed with Edward Elgar Publishing. This is the abstract:

The European Court of Human Rights has long been part of the most advanced human rights regime in the world. However, the Court has increasingly drawn criticism, with questions raised about its legitimacy and backlog of cases. This book for the first time brings together the critics of the Court and its proponents to debate these issues. The result is a collection which reflects balanced perspectives on the Court’s successes and challenges.
Judges, academics and policymakers engage constructively with the Court’s criticism, developing novel pathways and strategies for the Court to adopt to increase its legitimacy, to amend procedures to reduce the backlog of applications, to improve dialogue with national authorities and courts, and to ensure compliance by member States. The solutions presented seek to ensure the Court’s relevance and impact into the future and to promote the effective protection of human rights across Europe.

Containing a dynamic mix of high-profile contributors from across Council of Europe member States, this book will appeal to human rights professionals, European policymakers and politicians, law and politics academics and students as well as human rights NGOs.
These are the contributors: L. Bojin, M. Bossuyt, A. Bradley, A. Burkov, N. Bürli, D. Davis, K. Dzehtsiarou, J. Fraser, J. Gerards, B. Kerr, P. Mahoney, E. Myjer, I. Opstelten, A. Sajó, A. Terlouw, W. Thomassen, L. Wildhaber, T. Zwart.