Tuesday 1 June 2021

New Book on Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights on the Internet

Oreste Pollicino (Bocconi University) has published a book titled Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights on the Internet: A Road Towards Digital Constitutionalism? with Hart Publishing. The book features a foreword by Robert Spano, President of the European Court of Human Rights. 

Here is the abstract of the book:
'This book explores how the Internet impacts on the protection of fundamental rights, particularly with regard to freedom of speech and privacy. In doing so, it seeks to bridge the gap between Internet Law and European and Constitutional Law.

The book aims to emancipate the debate on internet law and jurisprudence from the dominant position, with specific reference to European legal regimes. This approach aims to inject a European and constitutional “soul” into the topic. Moreover, the book addresses the relationship between new technologies and the protection of fundamental rights within the theoretical debate surrounding the process of European integration, with particular emphasis on judicial dialogue.

This innovative book provides a thorough analysis of the forms, models and styles of judicial protection of fundamental rights in the digital era and compares the European vision to that of the United States. The book offers the first comparative analysis in which the notion of (judicial) frame, borrowed from linguistic and cognitive studies, is systematically applied to the theories of interpretation and argumentation.'