Tuesday 10 June 2008

Hearings to be Watched

This month the Court will hold a number of notable hearings. Among them is the case of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church v. Poland, concerning uncertainty of ownership of a number of church buildings and the implications for the freedom of religion (hearing 17 June). There will also be a hearing in an interesting Macedonian case, Association of Citizens “Radko” and Paunkovski v. the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It concerns the dissolution of an NGO for inciting national or religious hatred and intolerance. The NGO was named after a person seen by many as a WW II collaborator of Hitler (hearing 19 June). Finally, the case of TV Vest AS & Rogaland Pensjonistparti v. Norway, focuses on political advertising (by a pensioners party!) on television - a hot topic in many countries (hearing 26 June).

For the full list of hearings, see here. All hearings of this month will take place at 9h00. The webcasts will be available here after 14h30 on the day of each hearing. Enjoy them, almost live...